Services Provided

N-Siep is here to offer you the sort of counseling and advising not available in schools. There can be no one better to guide you than a student who has been through the ups and downs of their high-school system but nonetheless managed to hold a stellar academic record during high-school. The one on one peer review sessions make sure that the best possible service is available. Choosing N-Siep would provide you with:

  • Counseling : One on one counseling for students and their parents.
  • Education: Assessment of your education level to determine the right class for you to apply to and the program that is best to suit your needs.
  • Application : Assistance in your application process, making sure it is faster, easier, convenient and accurate. We will communicate with the school for you.
  • Mentorship: The opportunity to meet, learn and get guidance from older students who have undergone similar experiences as yours.
  • Scholarships/Awards: Help to apply and secure numerous scholarships and awards including ones oblivious to most students.
  • Volunteer/Summer Job: Support provided to find placement for volunteer hours and/or summer jobs if required.
  • And any other relevant service you need.

It is the company’s job to make sure that you stay stress-free and your transition to high-school in Canada is as smooth as possible.

Looking forward to working with you!