The Company

N-Siep (New Student Immigrant Education Planning) is an educational start-up directed towards new immigrant students who are planning to start high-school in Canada. Founded in 2017, N-Siep was created with the thought of helping students who were having difficulty deciding where they best fit in the Canadian school system. The influx of immigrants to Canada means that there are more students of various educational background and scope. To see how their education translates into the Canadian system is a tedious and time-consuming job especially if counselors in high-schools are unaware of the education program they studied in.

Having one on one peer sessions with students who have been through high-school and have experienced the ups and downs while enrolling in, through and graduating high-school ensures that no mistake is made when you start or graduate high-school.

The company confronts an issue that is present and will remain present due to the increasing number of people immigrating to Canada. The service provided will reduce the burden on people who are already stressed about starting a new life in Canada.

This serves as a great opportunity for students and parents to grasp knowledge that is up to date and correct.

N-Siep is devoted to its purpose. The company is created with keys to success in mind so it offers the best service possible. It ensures:

  • Service quality and efficacy in real-life situations.
  • Maintaining principles and limitations.
  • Sustaining growth and controlling excess costs.
  • Little to no negative impact on the environment at any stage of the business.

The company is operated keeping the following objectives in mind.


  • To become a focused company aimed at improving the experience of students.
  • Have staff consisting entirely of students with knowledge in certain areas, who complement each other’s skills.


  • Establish awareness of the service through focused marketing.
  • Focus on target marketing to increase market integration.
  • Expand target market using controlled growth.


  • Keep the cost of starting the business relatively low with all the money being earned and/or donated to be used towards the business in all circumstances.
  • Have no cost associated with the service being provided and operate as a Non-for-Profit (NFO) organization.